Paediatric dentistry is the part of dentistry that is dedicated to the oral health of children from infancy through the teen years into adulthood.

In children, preventive dentistry is very important – so visiting the dentist at a young age is a very important aspect of teaching.

We at Dr Liezl Kemp & Associates are eager to welcome young children to our practice for a pleasant, pain-free visit to the dentist.

What does paediatric dentistry involve?

We recommend bringing children to see the dentist for their first visit after your child's first birthday or once all their baby teeth have erupted. During the visit, your child will gently be introduced to the dentists and their supporting staff. Your little one will be exposed to the dental experience, the chair, the equipment, the smells, the sounds and the friendly faces that will be greeting him or her each time.

  • Oral health

    As dentists we are compassionate about oral health, so during your child's first visits, we will be focused on teaching the importance of proper oral health and teaching good brushing and flossing techniques for strong, healthy teeth.

  • Dental cleaning

    Depending on your child’s age, a gentle clean or polish can be done to introduce the typical dental check-up that he or she can expect in the future.

  • Restoration

    While the initial visits to the dentist should not require treatment, future visits may involve fillings and fissure sealants. In cases where a lot of restorative work is needed and your child isn’t able to sit still for long periods of time, we might recommend that the work should be done under sedation or general anaesthetic.

  • Monitoring

    While we will be teaching proper oral health, to ensure proper brushing, parents should supervise teeth brushing until the age of 7 (sometimes even up to the age of 9) when your little one can do it him/herself.

    Parents are also encouraged to keep an eye out for improper alignment, overbite, underbite and malocclusions that may require early orthodontic intervention.

    Nonetheless, regular visits to the dentist can prevent a variety of future dental issues.


From crowns, bridges and dental implants to braces, teeth whitening and veneers, we strive to create a comfortable experience for our patients, providing state-of-the-art oral healthcare to give you the results you are after.