Myobrace is considered a pre-orthodontic treatment to align crooked, misaligned teeth. Not only does Myobrace correct misaligned teeth, but it also fixes the cause of crooked teeth. Myobrace is perfectly suited for children aged three and up and consists of a series of intraoral dental appliances to be worn every day for an hour or two and then at night while asleep. However, this does not mean adults will not benefit from Myobrace because it is never too late to correct bad dental habits. Remember, teaching an old dog new tricks is never too late.

What does Myobrace treatment involve?

Myobrace repositions the teeth gently without needing to be tightened each month like braces. Dr Kemp adopts a tailored approach to fitting this specialised Myobrace system, and each fitting varies from one patient to the next. The technique is non-invasive and requires the patient to wear a retainer for at least an hour a day and while asleep. At a follow-up, Dr Kemp determines the cause of crooked teeth, specific to each patient. As a result, she corrects a myofunctional habit, such as incorrectly pressing your tongue to prevent teeth from straightening. Dr Kemp and her specialised team can help align the teeth appropriately through manual correction, education on bad dental habits and training equipment.

What are the benefits?

Unfortunately, modern orthodontics is limited and does not resolve the deep-underlying causes of inadequate facial development and crooked teeth.

Besides straightening the teeth, Myobrace corrects the tongue's position, improves breathing through your nasal passages, prevents lip movement when swallowing, and improves facial development. Facial development is critical in younger paediatric patients.

The culprits of poorly aligned teeth? While it is easy to blame genetics and poor jaw development for crooked teeth, the real reason is a result of unnecessary thumb-sucking, tongue thrusting, breathing through the mouth, swallowing incorrectly (reverse swallowing) and maintaining an open mouth posture. The reason for poor facial development could be asthma and allergy related. Myobrace is at the forefront of advances in orthodontic treatments. An orthodontic removal tool can help get you one step closer to the perfect smile with no fuss at all.


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